About Us

Design is my God-given talent honed and refined over the last 38 + years of my life. Envisionary Images was conceived in 1990. I've always taken art and design courses and just sat around the house drawing ever since I can remember. What started out as a mere logo design company has flourished into the business you see today.

In 1996 Envisionary Images really became a reality for me ,and the name "Envisionary Images" that was conjured up by life long friend Ken Schuck, (we met in 1988) finally began to take root. Envisionary Images has always been a passion of mine as I added services like vinyl signs, full color large format printing, and more. At some point in the later 90's I added Interior design.

Then church welcome furniture design and construction was added to my bag of tricks in 2002, working mostly with churches, improving their youth and children facilities through fun, smart design. Incorporating the knowledge and business relationships I have built over the years, I have been able to keep my prices relatively low for all of my services. Few can compete with my quality for the price.

In the late 90's, my heart went out to the churches that had smaller budgets and yet still wanted to provide a nice place for their people to come and fellowship together. Envisionary Images is always in search of ways to save our clients money and still put food on our own table, a healthy balance of both has made us the success we are today.

As always we thank you for your business and loyalty because with out you, there is no Envisionary Images!